a path to home

Awake in the night, tired, looking at a moon-ray, You plead, “I give up,” but your heart says, “Nay!   Work, work oh! You. Work while still sane, Let them wait, them soothing songs of the rain.   Go on! Go on, now! Keep marching forward, There is still time for you to journey onward. [...]


tree-climbing rabbits and happiness

"... And as we climb, there comes a moment when we inadvertently realize that we are climbing the tree not because we want to reach the blissful-top, but we are climbing because we enjoy the process of climbing and therein lies happiness." Published on Medium. Read more here.

शून्य (zero)

तेरे सब्र का धागा, थोड़ा बिखरा सा, थोड़ा उलझा सा, काँटों में जब गिरा, सुलझ सा गया तेरे दर्द का लम्हा, थोड़ा गहरा सा, थोड़ा ठहरा सा, हँसी से जो मिला, तो खुश हो गया तेरे शब्दो का सन्नाटा, थोड़ा अनकहा, थोड़ा सहमा सा, कलम से जब लिखा, तो शोर हो गया तेरी उम्र का [...]

the madman from the future

Imagine a man somehow stuck in a world from twenty years back. Imagine his pain at seeing some of the things that people of this era do. The pain arises because he realizes the foolishness and pointlessness of some of those things. He realizes what no one else can, because he has seen the futility [...]

Android’s shades of grey!

Most of us are happy with the colorful and glamorous display of our Android smartphones. Oh, the vibrancy, the beauty! But just like any distribution of population has deviations around the mean, there might (would, rather) be a few among the ever rising population of Android users who would prefer the cloudy-and-about-to-rain skies more than [...]

एक बाग नये में तू घर लेना

बात कहूँ या रहने दूं, बात है सिर्फ़ एक छोटी सी, मामूली सी कला है यह तो, श्वास-मनन कर जीने की. एक वही छोटी सी साँस, जहाँ होता विखंडन कठिनाइयों का. सो जाती संपूर्ण सृष्टि जहाँ, घुल जाता पूरा संसार वहाँ. उसी श्वेत साँस को बाँध मुट्ठी में, रुख़ अपना पकड़ना ओ राही, हो जाए [...]

he wandered

The arts, the music and the literature gave him comfort till a time came when even the most cultural pleasantries of this world ceased soothing him. It was the undesired connection with the eternal infinite supreme nothingness that even the most sophisticated means ever created by the fellow miserable humans could not overpower. And so [...]