a path to home

Awake in the night, tired, looking at a moon-ray,

You plead, “I give up,” but your heart says, “Nay!


Work, work oh! You. Work while still sane,

Let them wait, them soothing songs of the rain.


Go on! Go on, now! Keep marching forward,

There is still time for you to journey onward.


None of this rest is good, no home is home,

For you, oh traveler, till you reach your goal.


Hills, and lakes, and all your falls,

Momentary stops, they are. Not impassable walls.


No, don’t stop yet, you still have some more fight,

Left hidden somewhere not so deep in your might.


Get up then, bring that force to the fore,

Crawl if need be, but do move toward that shore.

Where the rain sways and sings in mid-air,

Where its chiming dancing drops, have you snared.


Walk this hurdle-some path, especially if alone,

For only this shall take you, to your only worthy home!”


tree-climbing rabbits and happiness

“… And as we climb, there comes a moment when we inadvertently realize that we are climbing the tree not because we want to reach the blissful-top, but we are climbing because we enjoy the process of climbing and therein lies happiness.”

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शून्य (zero)

तेरे सब्र का धागा, थोड़ा बिखरा सा, थोड़ा उलझा सा,
काँटों में जब गिरा, सुलझ सा गया

तेरे दर्द का लम्हा, थोड़ा गहरा सा, थोड़ा ठहरा सा,
हँसी से जो मिला, तो खुश हो गया

तेरे शब्दो का सन्नाटा, थोड़ा अनकहा, थोड़ा सहमा सा,
कलम से जब लिखा, तो शोर हो गया

तेरी उम्र का तक़ाज़ा, थोड़ा शरमाया सा, थोड़ा घबराया सा,
खेल-खेल में जब उछला, तो बचपन बन गया

तेरे धर्मों का मेला, थोड़ा विभक्त, थोड़ा खंडित सा,
सत्य से जब रूबरू हुआ, तो एक हो गया

तेरे मन का मचलना, थोड़ा लज्जित सा, थोड़ा हर्षित सा,
आँखों से जो छलका, तो अफ़साना बन गया

तेरे भ्रम का पिटारा, थोड़ा व्याकुल सा, थोड़ा अस्पष्ट सा,
यकीन से जो खुला, तो हौंसला बन गया

तेरे उम्मीद का इशारा, थोड़ा संकुचित सा, थोड़ा बुझा सा,
चिंगारी से जब लगा, सुलग सा गया

तेरी ज़िन्दगी का किनारा, थोड़ा असंभव सा, थोड़ा अगम्य सा
विश्वास से जो तू चला, तो निकट आ गया

और तेरी साँसों का रास्ता,
थोड़ा अंजान, थोड़ा ग्यात सा,
थोड़ा कठिन और थोड़ा आसान सा,
थोड़ा चिंतित, थोड़ा आराम सा,
तेरी साँसों का ये रास्ता,
काल में जब गिरा, तो शून्य बन गया

English transliteration:

Tere Sabr ka dhaaga, thoda bikhra sa, thoda uljha sa
Kaanto mein jab gira, Sulajh sa gaya

Tere Dard ka lamha, thoda gehra sa, thoda thehra sa,
Hansi se jo mila, To Khush ho gaya

Tere Shabdo ka sannata, Thoda ankaha, thoda sehma sa
Kalam se Jab likha, To Shor ho gaya

Teri Umr ka takaaza, thoda sharmaya sa, thoda ghabraya sa,
Khel-khel mein jab uchla, to bachpan ban gaya

Tere Dharmo ka mela, Thoda vibhakt, thoda khandit sa,
Satya se jab roobaro hua, to ek ho gaya

Tere man ka machalna, thoda lajjit sa, thoda harshit sa,
Aankho se jo chhalka, to afsana ban gaya

Tere bhram ka pitaara, thoda vyakul sa, thoda aspasht sa,
Yakin se Jo khola, to hausla ban gaya

Teri ummeed ka ishara, thoda sankuchit sa, thoda bujha sa,
chingaari se jab laga, sulag sa gaya

Teri zindagi ka kinara, thoda asambhav sa, thoda agamya sa,
Vishwaas se jo tu chala, to nikat aa gaya

Aur Teri Saanso ka raasta,
thoda anjaan, thoda gyaat sa,
thoda kathin, thoda aasan sa,
Thoda chintit, thoda aaram sa,
Teri saanso ka yeh raasta,
Kaal mein jab gira, to shoonya ban gaya.

the madman from the future

Imagine a man somehow stuck in a world from twenty years back. Imagine his pain at seeing some of the things that people of this era do. The pain arises because he realizes the foolishness and pointlessness of some of those things. He realizes what no one else can, because he has seen the futility of those things, being from a future era. But he can’t convince them, however hard he tries. Because these people have not seen the future. The things they do remain meaningful, in their eyes and minds. The world at large doing things which make no sense to this one man.

Imagine the pain of this man. As helpless as a mosquito stuck in a net. He can see the future but can’t make anyone believe in that future.

No, don’t create this building, this is going to fall on its own. It will kill many people. I know because it did.

Shut up, you stupid madman.

And they go ahead and build it.

No, please don’t spend your time in discussing this aspect of religion. It would stop mattering in a few years from now.

Oh why don’t you shut your mouth, you twaddle-hat. We are discussing about God here. Come join us.

No, I don’t want to join in this foolishness.

What? Foolishness? The whole world believes in this!

Yes. Maybe you are right. Yes, I see that now. Yes! Alright then. I would join you guys. Yes, this is the truth. I am sure I have been hallucinating here. I will forget my knowledge of the future now. And with that, no more pain. So, go on and tell me now, please. Where is the letter box? How do I make more diesel automobiles?

Android’s shades of grey!

Source: http://odamiean.deviantart.com/art/Android-Simple-Grey-187067276

Most of us are happy with the colorful and glamorous display of our Android smartphones. Oh, the vibrancy, the beauty! But just like any distribution of population has deviations around the mean, there might (would, rather) be a few among the ever rising population of Android users who would prefer the cloudy-and-about-to-rain skies more than the normally-desired-rainbow-filled ones. For those few square (and the fewer hexagon) pegs, there is hope.

To get an absolutely eye-soothing grayscale (aka monochromatic aka greyscale) display to your Android phone, follow the following two step procedure.


  1. Enable Developer options on your phone

Go to Settings > About phone > Build number > Tap it 7 times. This should work for most Android smartphones. If it worked for you, a new menu item would appear inside Settings just above the ‘About phone’ menu item. A very small and harmless catch here is that, depending upon the brand and model of your phone, it might not be easy to disable developer options once you enable it. But this is harmless because I can’t think of any reason why you would want to disable the developer options. It does not affect your phone in any way (nothing negative, as far as I know).

  1. Go monochromatic!

Developer options > Hardware accelerated rendering > Simulate color space > Change it from Disabled to Monochromatic (monochromacy).

  1. Want to go back to your rainbow world?

Change Simulate color space back to disabled. As easy as that.

So go ahead now and get that Kindle paperwhite kind of display on your Android phone and make your friends envious! Or whatever. And forget about watching colorful tube -Youtube – videos.

Special thanks to Avinash Tripathy for telling me about this wonderful possibility.

Disclaimer: This procedure is pretty safe and should not result in anything bad happening to you or to your phone. Do this and your eyes would thank you and me in the next 10 years. However, to take care of the possibility of the weird and rare case of something bad happening to you or your phone (or your neighbor or your dog) because of this change, allow me to say that I am not responsible for any such damage occurring. Full discretion on the part of reader is advised.

एक बाग नये में तू घर लेना

बात कहूँ या रहने दूं,
बात है सिर्फ़ एक छोटी सी,
मामूली सी कला है यह तो,
श्वास-मनन कर जीने की.

एक वही छोटी सी साँस,
जहाँ होता विखंडन कठिनाइयों का.
सो जाती संपूर्ण सृष्टि जहाँ,
घुल जाता पूरा संसार वहाँ.

उसी श्वेत साँस को बाँध मुट्ठी में,
रुख़ अपना पकड़ना ओ राही,
हो जाए कठिन कभी जो चलना,
कुछ देर रुक भी जाना तू साथी.

महकना प्रकृति है फूलों की,
तू भी थोड़ा खुश बिखेरना,
जो हो कभी थकावट मन में अगर,
एक बाग नये में तू घर लेना.

फिर कभी जो साहस काँपे,
और श्वास रंग हो जाए गहरा,
कर ध्यान उन्हीं फूलों की खुश्बू,
शुद्ध सफेद वर्ण खुद में भरना.

उस एक अनंत लघु साँस में,
जहाँ बसता अद्वैत ज्ञान है,
एक पल को ठहर के थोड़ा,
मानस परिवर्तन कर लेना.

जब हो थकावट तेरे मन में,
एक बाग नये में तू घर लेना.

he wandered

The arts, the music and the literature gave him comfort till a time came when even the most cultural pleasantries of this world ceased soothing him. It was the undesired connection with the eternal infinite supreme nothingness that even the most sophisticated means ever created by the fellow miserable humans could not overpower. And so he wandered.

In peace whenever the emptiness became too troubling. In chaos when the peace began screaming. He wandered.

The illusory powers of the material empowered him now and then. But still he wandered.

Not searching or seeking anything. For just like everything else, the search was meaningless. Only rational act to commit was to wander.

Aimlessly. Without purpose, which is the grandest, and perhaps the most unfortunate driver of human pursuits. It was no more difficult than to live with a purpose. But it did give him meaning in this meaninglessness and it meant the world to him in this tiny speck of time spent on this round watery blob filled with rock on which he wandered.